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For most homeowners, a basement is an important part of the home. Whether you use it for a family room, play room, laundry room, storage or extra bedrooms it needs to be a dry, moisture free and safe place for your family.

Nobody likes to hear that they have a water issue with the basement. Having even a slight water leak can cause major damage to your home. Having anything between a minor leak or major flooding, you run the risk of incurring a new issue which is mold. 1 in 3 homes has had mold or mildew and over 60% of basements have had moisture at one time or another. This kind of bacteria thrives on a wet basement. Exposure to mold can lead to long-term health issues. Some symptoms can range anywhere from wheezing, coughing, throat soreness and nasal congestion. Some cases can be even more serious including lung infections. Having a waterproof basement and minimizing or eliminating mold and radon is a major part in improving the air quality throughout your home.

Whether it be a remodel, renovation, or waterproofing, we have the right solution for the do-it-yourselfer. These do-it-yourself kits have all instructions and tools you need which will save you much needed stress and money.